Dénes Mikóczy


“Taking an intimate embrace on canvas, the scent of the summer, the rippling of the riverside streams, or the thrill of the heights between the mountains, painting the depths and questions of faith”– is the mission for this artist.
Dénes, who dreams about putting our deepest feelings in colours, is a real European, a World traveler. His art builds on these impressions, seeking the eternal man, a desire for beauty that connects us. He has had numerous solo exhibitions and has been part of international symposiums all over the World. 

Torella Alice Szegedi K.


“The fragile bullrushes connect to each other and cling to the canvas, just as human souls cling to life, while supporting, comforting each other and thus, creating their fragile but eternal personal and family histories.”
The Artist born in Sibiu, Romania lives and works in Budapest today. She makes organic, eco-creations. Torella weaves fairy tales from bull
rush, catches in her Arts the feminine essence, the secrets of water, and the sailors’ joy of life. She is a true combination of tradition and modernism. Through herhands, miracle is being created based on the encounter between crust, canvas, gold dust, acrylic and oil.

Annamária Zolárek-Horváth


Currently lives in Salzburg, but is the daughter of Vojvodina, Serbia. She is a woman of extremes, strong emotions, great contrasts and above all: freedom. Credibility and sincerity are most important for her. In her soul, the flatland of the blonde Tisa river and the peaks of the Alps play with each other. 
When creating paintings, she absorbs the experience in each and every cell of hers, and then gives back the unique moment on canvas. 
“Moments, in which you feel the scent of the summer shower, the feeling of running through a puddle, and then the naughty streams of lukewarm water running down your legs…”